Kik Messenger is a Canadian app which offers instant free messaging. Kik is similar to WhatsApp messaging, iPhone iMessage and BlackBerry messaging.   A few months ago, the company announced that it would join the significant era of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency will serve in the App to
With the popularity and vast acceptance of Cryptos like Bitcoin, there have been hacks plaguing these cryptocurrency exchanges. This has been ongoing right from when the first set of platforms made their debut. All of these events have resulted in huge public relations problems for the
The news making the rounds in the crypto-verse has it that, a software company that builds domains on a blockchain has made announcements about the debut of a domain registry on none other but the Ethereum Blockchain.   This company is known as Unstoppable domains, and the
Cryptocurrencies keep growing and becoming part of our everyday life. As it steadies as one of the leading technological industries, it's inevitable for important people to appear.   When we talk about critical names in cryptocurrency, we speak about game-changers. These individuals are the ones driving cryptocurrencies
Started back in January 2009, the cryptocurrency market is now worth over $200 billion USD, big enough not to be ignored by even those people who were bullish about this whole crypto market, calling it an outright scam. All of the cryptocurrencies come with a
Since 2009 when bitcoin was first launched, we started seeing a lot of projects that wanted to bring a new decentralized governance model into traditional finance and currency. Nearly every blockchain based platform focused entirely on disrupting ‘currency and payments’. The innovations in this space
In 1971, the U.S. dollar dismissed the official gold standard and adopted a new financial model created by the Federal Reserve (FED) and the central bank. Although the U.S. dollar was backed by gold before 1971, the government didn’t shy away from printing money which
Currency and finance is one of biggest applications of blockchain technology, and we have seen it happening with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem. However, the power of blockchain goes beyond just currency and finance, and there is a whole new world of decentralized
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‘Cryptocurrency’ isn’t just a new buzzword. Its a revolution for bringing decentralized finance, decentralized internet and the decentralized global economy. You can think of cryptocurrencies as the ‘economic layer’ of the internet which can operate without any central authority, like a bank or any financial