Best blockchain and crypto related books to read in 2019 — Our recommendation

Best blockchain and crypto related books to read in 2019 — Our recommendation

‘Cryptocurrency’ isn’t just a new buzzword. Its a revolution for bringing decentralized finance, decentralized internet and the decentralized global economy. You can think of cryptocurrencies as the ‘economic layer’ of the internet which can operate without any central authority, like a bank or any financial institution. Imagine sending money to someone living in a different country just like you are sending a message instead of going through all the hassle of banks, payment delays, and exchange fees deductions, etc. 


However, with all the good promises of a great future, cryptocurrency space is very intimidating for the majority of the people out there and the biggest reason for that is the lack of proper understanding. When we say ‘currency that does not need a bank and just need your mobile wallet’, people get confused and they even go to a level where they start calling cryptocurrencies as a new kind of a ‘pyramid scheme’ to rob people of their hard earned money. 


In this article, we are recommending 3 cryptocurrency and blockchain related books that everyone should read regardless of their background or technical understanding for investments, finance or technology. These books would help you grasp some of the most important concepts, and clear most of the confusions that you might be having in your mind. 



The Science of the Blockchain


Written by: Roger Wattenhofer


Primarily targeted towards the people involved in FinTech or technology, this books presents a new understanding of the blockchain technology in terms of building a fault-tolerant distributed system. The book discusses various techniques and models to build fault tolerant systems which are distributed and decentralized. Not to mention, blockchain itself is a fault tolerant distributed system implemented on a very large scale. 


This book presents new applications and a new understanding of the blockchain technology so the people involved in FinTech can have a better understanding of this system, and they can think of deploying this new technology into their companies and startups.



Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World


Written by:  Don Tapscott, Alex Tapscott


This book is certainly a great edition by the Tapscott brothers where they discuss the blockchain revolution and how it is changing the way we do businesses in our daily lives. This book primarily goes through the technological shifts happened over centuries, and how people adopted different methods to do business and exchange value. 


Also, this book presents blockchain technology not only towards the ‘thought leadership’ side, but also covers the important technical aspects which are necessary to learn if you want to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain not just at the value level but at a slightly technical level. 



Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies: The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Blockchain, Mining, Trading, Investing)


Written by: Hideki Kiyoko


This book is for those beginners who doesn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies, not even at a basic level. This book discusses what cryptocurrency is, how its made, the vision behind them and how you can pick and choose the best cryptocurrencies for your investment portfolio. This book isn’t for experienced traders, investors or miners, but rather for those who just want to know this space a little bit before taking a deep dive. 


This book presents all the important concepts in a nice manner which are necessary to learn. The good thing about this book is that it is free from all the technical jargons, to not overwhelm the readers and make it easier for them to grasp all the core concepts. 






Cryptocurrency is surely the future and we firmly believe that everyone should learn about them at their best possible capacity. We recommended these three books but there are also many learning material out there that you can use to enhance your knowledge about these things. The more you know about cryptocurrencies, the more you will feel comfortable in using them and investing in them. 


Please let us know in the comments section which book are you planning to read!

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