A Thorough Review Of The SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet

A Thorough Review Of The SecuX W20 Hardware Wallet

Ever since the creation of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2008, many other coins have been created. These cryptocurrencies are unlike fiat currencies in that they are not paper money, transactions carried out on and with them do not need the interference of third parties and they are not regulated by nations’ economic and/or political policies.

The benefits these currencies deliver make them highly sought after by many. While some get them legally, some resort to getting these fraudulently. To check this mischievousness, there are private keys which help provide security for cryptocurrencies.


A private key is a string of secret numbers that allow cryptocurrencies transactions to take place. Such keys are stored in crypto-wallets which are either devices or programs that store keys. These wallets are either software wallets which are found online or hardware wallets which are physical devices.


Since software wallets could be easily compromised, as the key which is kept online, can be fraudulently copied, many are opting for hardware wallets instead, even though a majority of these are not as easy to use as software wallets are. One hardware wallet, however, stands out and this is the SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet.



What Is the SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet?



Created by SecuX, SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet delivers to users a combination of the ease of use of software wallets and the security of hardware wallets. This security stems from the fact that a users key would be absent from the internet.


Features of the SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet



So, what features does this wallet have that makes it stand out?


• Ease Of Use


Adopting the mechanics of software wallets, this SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet uses a web-based interface to allow ease of usage by users.


• Security


As is the case with other hardware wallets, this wallet protects your keys from fraudulent acts online. It also has tamper-proof packaging and hardened secure element used to keep a user’s assets safe and secure.


• Bluetooth Functionality


This feature allows users to connect their wallet to other devices from which they can authorize transactions, send and/or receive currencies. Using this still ensures your key remains on your wallet.


• Cross-Platform Compatibility


The wallet’s Bluetooth compatibility, as well as the USB usability, means that this device is compatible for use with a wide range of other devices.


• Convenience


This wallet as a simple interface which ensures that is users find it is to use. It also has a simple firmware update process that ensures updates go on easily and users’ data is better protected. It is also convenient to carry about as it weighs only 1.76 ounces.


• Touch Screen Feature


The SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet has a touch screen which makes it easy to interact with. The sensitivity of this screen is also minimized. This is for security purposes and to help prevent accidental entries and transaction approval.


To Wrap It Up



Using a hardware wallet ensures the security of your cryptocurrency. Using the SecuX W20 Crypto-Asset Hardware Wallet, however, delivers extra protection for your cryptocurrencies, as well as other benefits that cannot be gotten from other hardware wallets.

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