Introducing HyperCash (HC) — The world’s first Dual Chain platform featuring post quantum signature technology

Introducing HyperCash (HC) — The world’s first Dual Chain platform featuring post quantum signature technology

As we all know, Interoperability is one of the biggest problems faced by the crypto ecosystem today. Blockchains of today cannot talk to each other and they can’t exchange information or value. Every blockchain platform is running independently which greatly limits their functionalities and the future possibilities that this technology presents. There are more than 3 thousand cryptocurrencies according to Coin Market Cap (CMC), and blockchain platforms of today really need to take interoperability very seriously.


When bitcoin was launched back in January 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto didn’t know that this technology would sky rocket and in just over the course of 10 years, we would be seeing 3 or 4 thousand blockchain platforms in the market, each offering different functionality with a variety of different use cases. The initial blockchain platforms were very limited in their functionality, which created an opportunity that led to extreme levels of market congestion where we are seeing a new blockchain platform launched every single day, promising a different thing and claiming to solve the old problems.


Another thing which needed improvement are the cryptographic algorithms. All of these algorithms are secure as of now but what would happen in the future? The current computing power that we have can’t break the cryptographic algorithms of today, but they certainly broke the old algorithms. This means that to ‘future proof’ the cryptocurrencies, we need solid algorithms that are difficult to hack, and they are ‘Quantum Proof’, i.e. that they aren’t easily breakable even with the quantum computing technology. This gave birth to a new field called ‘Quantum Cryptography’ which focused on strong algorithms and ways to achieve higher security even with the extreme levels of computing power.




HyperCash (HC) — Killing two birds with one stone



HyperCash is a decentralised, open source and a cross platform cryptocurrency which is designed to solve both of the problems that we just discussed — Interoperability and Quantum Proof Technology.


The primary purpose of HyperCash is value exchange between different blockchain platforms. Traditionally if you want to swap your coin or token with another digital asset, you need to go through an exchange platform which will handle the conversion. You can’t just simply swap your token with another one without the involvement of an exchange.


Exchanges also don’t swap the tokens, they just have too many tokens in their inventory where you ‘sell’ them your token and they ‘sell’ you another one (which looks like swapping but it isn’t). With HyperCash, blockchain platforms can directly perform swapping of value without the need of an exchange. They just need to comply with the HyperCash protocol and thats it! No need to go through an extra hassle.


Imagine if you are in a shop buying something but that shop doesn’t accept the cryptocurrency that you have. In this case, the shop owners would have to make an integration with an exchange but with HyperCash, you can just instantly swap your currency and make a payment. If we talk about technology, HyperCash is a combination of the following four things:


  1. HCASH AI Lighting Protocol (HAILP)
  2. Quantum-resistant Signature
  3. ASIC Resistance
  4. Privacy Preserving Protocol






HyperCash has a native platform currency called HC which is currently being traded for $1.57 USD and has surpassed a total market cap of $69 Million USD with a daily 24h volume of just over $20 Million USD which made HyperCash the 62nd largest cryptocurrency in the world.


We recommend HyperCash to anyone who is looking to invest in the ‘future proof’ platforms with a greater risk but with an opportunity for the maximum ROI.

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