Crypterium (CRPT) — Your digital crypto bank, bringing the power of crypto to the masses

Crypterium (CRPT) — Your digital crypto bank, bringing the power of crypto to the masses

Bitcoin started the drive to disrupt money and currency using a completely new economic model called ‘decentralized governance’, which was never seen before. The purpose of bitcoin was to remove the intermediaries from the currency, i.e. the central bank, private banks, and FED. Many companies and organizations came forward and built different products and services for this new decentralized economic model.


Companies like Ethereum, NEO, and others jumped in to catch the bandwagon and not only extend the functionality of bitcoin, but also advance the technology even further by adding in more features for scalability, privacy, security and customisability. This also gave birth to ‘Tokenized Economy’ where people started mapping real world assets to blockchain using a non-fungible token (NFT), so they can buy and sell their assets in crypto without involving a bank and avoiding hefty taxation.


To facilitate this crypto economy, we saw a boom in online crypto  exchange platforms where people can exchange or swap their digital assets, and also covert their digital assets to fiat and withdraw the equivalent amount of money directly to their bank account. This boom in online crypto exchange platforms helped increase awareness and many consumers starting tasting the crypto world and realized its true potential. The idea of peer to peer transactions of money without the involvement of an intermediary seemed fascinating to them!



However, the crypto world lacks one important thing and that is the digital assets equivalent of traditional financial services. With your regular bank, you can do so many things like pay your bills, withdraw the money using your debit or credit card, make online payments in another currency, etc. In the crypto world however, you just have wallets and exchanges, and their is still a lack of services for the regular users.



Crypterium — The crypto bank for the masses



To solve this problem of providing crypto equivalent of financial services, Crypterium was born with a mission to provide the future of digital payments. You can think of Crypterium as a crypto equivalent to Stripe, WeChat or AliPay, providing a one stop shop to the consumers to store and spend their digital assets in an efficient and secure manner.


Crypterium offers the following core features to their consumers:


Mobile Wallet — Where you can store, spend, track and receive any kind of digital assets, in the fastest way possible.

Virtual Card — Crypterium gives you a virtual debit card where you can pair your digital assets and use them at over 40 million terminals across the globe.

Bank Transfers — Within the Crypterium app, you can directly make a bank transfer to any bank account. You don’t have to go through an exchange because the Crypterium app does it all for you. 


According to Austin Kimm, COO of Crypterium, “It is possible that these payment apps will replace cards and cash, but different technologies will be successful in different markets. In China payments are now dominated by WeChat and Alipay, QR readers that when combined are now much more significant than cards or cash. What is unique is there is no restriction to younger more tech-savvy users, but reaches all age groups”






Crypterium doesn’t have its own blockchain, but rather an independent  token called CRPT. As of September 2019, a single CRPT is traded for $0.49 USD and has surpassed a total market cap of $42 Million USD with a daily active 24h volume of just over half a million dollars.


The CPRT is actually a utility token which provides many benefits to the Crypterium users, which include lower transaction fees, discounts and various perks. If you are a person planning to use Crypterium service, we highly recommend buying the CPRT tokens to avail the extra benefits.

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