A definitive guide to EDUCare (EKT)

A definitive guide to EDUCare (EKT)

Ever since the huge success of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies gained more and more popularity. Though bitcoin was made public almost a decade ago in 2009, it wasn’t that popular among a larger audience. As time, gradually passed it gained traction which resulted in its price getting to as much as 19K USD in December 2017. It does not mean that altcoins emerged after the bitcoin’s success. 


There was a multitude of altcoins before it. Most were introduced to work on the problems faced in Bitcoin. One thing they all had in common was its foundation, and it is Blockchain. All the solutions that emerged in the market after the inception of a new crypto era promised to bring something interesting and innovative on the table. Some succeeded in delivering the promise while others took a fall and failed miserably. EKT, a blockchain-based platform promises to bring new in the crypto market. 




Introducing EKT



EKT (in some cases referred to as “EDUCare”) is a public chain ecosystem containing token and decentralized applications. It will allow the users to develop DApp on the EKT public chain with the contract development language AWM. The AWM language which is solely developed for EKT can be utilized by developers to create DApp with AWM VM runtime environment. 


This platform was introduced to make education more transparent and easy to access. Through this platform, the user, provider and the referral will be able to collaborate in a much trustworthy and transparent environment. As a result, this would create an online education community based on trust and honesty.



Behind the scenes



To ensure the security of the EKT platform they are utilizing the power of DPOS+Paxos which will make sure to kick out any fraudulent party residing in the network. The project development team claims it to be a multi-chain (where token and DApp exists separately) and a multi-consensus (where more than one security measures are taken) platform. 


The team claims that developing a DApp is as much easier as developing any other internet-based application. So, developers won’t have to worry about the complexity that goes into developing an app. If a user visits the website, they’ll be able to download the EKT wallet which not only supports Android but also supports iOS. Houbi Global, Bit-Z, BigOne are some of the exchanges that support EKT token.






A platform targeted towards making the online education system more transparent and trustworthy. Sure, the idea sounds interesting and can make some waves. But first, it would require serious dedication from the core developers of the project. 


Some problems exist with their project as well as their marketing strategy. Like when you see the white-paper on their website, it is in Chinese and not many people can read it which means that they are missing out on (a large group of) people who are willing to invest in their project. 


If we talk about the numbers, the EDUCare (EKT) token’s total market cap is USD 121,359,171 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000 EKT. While 750,000,000 EKT are in circulation. At the time, nothing can be said about its traction, only time will tell.

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