Most Important Names In Crypto Today

Most Important Names In Crypto Today

Cryptocurrencies keep growing and becoming part of our everyday life. As it steadies as one of the leading technological industries, it’s inevitable for important people to appear.


When we talk about critical names in cryptocurrency, we speak about game-changers. These individuals are the ones driving cryptocurrencies today.


If you want to stay on top of what’s going on and what may come, stay tuned for what these people say.



The most important people in crypto today:



     1. Adam Back



If you think Satoshi and Bitcoin created crypto, know that this guy was the inspiration for that revolutionary whitepaper.


Adam Back created Hashcash, BTC’s predecessor. He’s the mind behind proof-of-work, also known as the foundation for Bitcoin. Satoshi cites him in his whitepaper, and he’s still an active developer today.


He’s the mind behind Blockstream, the most relevant company when it comes to Bitcoin innovation.



     2. Elizabeth Stark



The Lightning Network was a controversial topic. It marked the first significant Bitcoin revolution, strong enough to create Bitcoin Cash as a consequence.


Well, the driving force behind this move was Lightning Labs, and it’s responsible for a noticeable size of Bitcoin’s development. Elizabeth Stark is the firm’s CEO.


She ranks among the most important people because the Lightning Network looks to solve Bitcoin’s scalability issues. With major problems found as it adapted to the growing user volume, Elizabeth Stark could be a “saviour” in the eyes of many.



     3. Nick Szabo



He’s not a very active individual today, but his relevance is too high not to consider him among important people.


He’s one of the founding fathers of cryptocurrencies. His work on electronic cash systems go back to the late 90s, and it includes a project named “bit gold”.


It was a blueprint for a decentralised digital currency released in 1998. As an interesting fact, many believe him to be the man behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto because of that.



     4. Andreas M. Antonopoulos



He’s not a developer, but he’s still one of the most important people when it comes to crypto.


He’s taught thousands with his books on the principles of crypto coins, and his work includes “Mastering Bitcoin” and the now-standard-industry-term “The Internet Of Money“.


He’s now working on “Mastering Ethereum”, and his work earned him the title of “the voice of cryptocurrencies”.



     5. Barry Silbert



Digital Currency Group, or DCG, is an investment company; it’s also the main backer of crypto-related ventures, and it supports names like Coinbase, Blockchain, Kraken, Blockstream, and Ripple.


Barry Silbert is the head of the said company, so he’s responsible for a considerable size of the industry’s development.


He’s also the owner of CoinDesk, one of the leading crypto news websites.



     6. Jack Dorsey



The head of Twitter is already among important people, but he’s recently ventured into the crypto space with his payments company called Square.


It focuses on mobile payments, and it recently included Bitcoin among its supported coins. The cryptocurrency advocate looks to be the most active competitor against Coinbase.



     7. Brian Armstrong



Speaking of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong is its CEO. The firm counts with over 13 million users.


Coinbase works as an exchange, payments platform, and a crypto wallet. It’s considered the best service for both beginners and experienced investors, and its valuation circles the 1.6 billion USD mark.

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