The Launch Of .Crypto Domain On Ethereum By Draper-Based Startup

The Launch Of .Crypto Domain On Ethereum By Draper-Based Startup

The news making the rounds in the crypto-verse has it that, a software company that builds domains on a blockchain has made announcements about the debut of a domain registry on none other but the Ethereum Blockchain.


This company is known as Unstoppable domains, and the domain will be simply known as “.crypto”.


Bear in mind that, with this domain, crypto users will be able to link all or any of their virtual currency addresses to their domain without any stress. And, in a bid to get paid, all a person will have to know is your exact Blockchain domain.


Furthermore, the company thinks that covering up long addresses will only simplify virtual currency payments and result in the mainstream acceptance of digital coins.


About The Unstoppable Domain



Unstoppable domain is a company based in San Francisco and known for creating domains on nowhere else but on blockchains.


Furthermore, this company is being supported by Draper Associates and also Boost VC. Unstoppable domains have gone further to receive grants from both the Ziliqa foundation and the prominently known Ethereum foundation.



More On The News



Crypto users who purchase .zil domains of about eight characters or even more will get similar .crypto domains for free and one dollar of store credit for all one dollar spent on their domains.


However, you will have to hurry up because the promotion will be ending on the 21st of October.


According to Matthew Gould; Co founder and CEO of Unstoppable domains, he is of the belief that tribalism in the crypto ecosystem is reducing the adoption and acceptance of the innovation.


He went further to say that .crypto is simply a domain name system that is supposed to be utilized for any virtual currency payment and with any digital wallet.


He made mentions that transferring money to a .crypto domain is a much easier user experience for millions of virtual currency users that will have to either copy and paste as well as input their long addresses in a bid to execute transactions.


Furthermore, it should be noted that Unstoppable domain is a Blockchain agnostic, and it will back up domain extensions on not just Ethereum blockchain but Ziliqa Blockchain as well.



What Can Blockchain Domains Do?



Some of the things that these Blockchain domains can do that the common domains cannot include:



These Blockchain domains can be utilized as payment getaways for digital currency payments. This is because they are affordable and nearly instant. Also, they can be carried out from anywhere in the globe down to anywhere else in the universe.


Websites are not censored

Currently, all other government bodies and organizations will not be able to control the contents that a user will show on their website


There are no custodians

Owners actually keep the Blockchain domains. This means that there is no third party that can actually transfer or makes moves to seize them.



Wrapping It Up



As it stands, the crypto-verse has made moves that shows a very serious interest in all Unstoppable domain has to offer. Note that, Unstoppable domain has bought over a hundred thousand .zil domains as its first domain extension.

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